To capture the magic of homemade treats and cinnamon sugar sweets, Snap Crackle and Pop® created an all-new snack complete with fluffy marshmallows, golden butter and a sprinkle of warm cinnamon: Rice Krispies Treats® HOMESTYLE Cinnamon Sugar.

Rice Krispies Treats HOMESTYLE Cinnamon Sugar brings a flavorful new twist to the snack, now topped with a dusting of cinnamon sugar and with extra marshmallows folded into every bite.

Inspired by the marshmallow-packed homemade creations in kitchens nationwide, Cinnamon Sugar joins existing Rice Krispies Treats HOMESTYLE flavors: Original and Chocolate. Each HOMESTYLE bar is still 50% bigger compared to the original snack, so fans will get a true taste of home in every bite — without any prep work.

Rice Krispies Treats HOMESTYLE Cinnamon Sugar is now available in grocery stores nationwide for an SRP of $3.99 for six bars in a box or $5.24 for 12 bars in a box.