CAULIPOWER, the maker of Cauliflower Crust Pizza and Gluten-Free Pizza in the US, announced the launch of Frozen Meals, its latest innovation to set the frozen aisle on fire. The new line, otherwise known as “one-pan wonders”, cooks in under 10 minutes and is available in three  varieties: Cauliflower Gnocchi with Savory Pesto, Spinach Gnocchi with Tuscan-Style Marinara, and Cauliflower Penne Pomodoro.

CAULIPOWER’s new ready-to-cook meals – which are all made in Italy and free from artificial preservatives, colors and flavors – feature veggie-based pastas, unique authentic Italian sauces, and vibrant veggies. The Frozen Meals require zero prep, have 2+ servings per bag, and provide two to three servings of veggies1 all for less than 300 calories. As with every CAULIPOWER product, they are gluten-free always.

The new line provides a much-needed alternative to the frozen meals currently on the market which are packed with calories, sodium, gluten, and lacking in vegetable servings. The multi-serve meal category has experienced significant growth as consumer demand for convenient meal solutions has skyrocketed, but the need for truly better-for-you options has left a gap in the market. When asked what would make them purchase frozen meals more often, 72% of category consumers said that they are looking for products offering more fruit and vegetable servings2. Convenience is also a significant factor contributing to frozen meal demand; 64% of consumers who use frozen meals do so because it’s faster than preparing a meal from scratch3.

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