NuZee, Inc., a producer and co-packer of single serve coffee formats, announced the expansion of its Coffee Blenders product offerings with a new Coldpresso latte product line that combines the power of cold brew and espresso. The products are currently available to purchase in Korea online at Market Kurly and will offer consumers a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of cold pressed coffee without costly equipment or exorbitant prep time.

Developed in Korea, the Coffee Blenders Coldpresso uses new methods of espresso brewing coffee extracted using a hybrid cold espresso machine, a unit innovated to create coffee that harnesses the advantages of both espresso and cold brewed coffee. Creating a "low caffeine cold espresso" in a short time, the Coldpresso line boasts a clean after taste and carries the coffee aroma without the higher acidity and heat. As NuZee is dedicated to convenient sustainability, the line is packaged in recyclable glass with stainless steel lids.

The Coffee Blenders Coldpresso line includes:

- Coldpresso Dolce Latte: A creamy treat that mixes the Coldpresso concentrate with antibiotic-free milk and Rainforest Alliance Certified ("RFA-certified") coffee beans to promote eco-friendly, socially responsible agriculture with every delicious sip.
- Royal Ceylon Milk Tea: A healthy sweet, this blend of high-quality Sri Lankan Dumbula black tea, unrefined Brazilian sugar, and non-GMO, antibiotic-free milk has a gentle floral aroma and smooth taste without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
- Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea: Similar to the Royal Ceylon Milk Tea, this cool sip focuses on the fresh taste of 100% organic Earl Grey black tea balanced with unrefined Brazilian sugar and antibiotic-free milk to create a sweet and nourishing on-the-go drink.
- Earl Grey Milk Tea Café Latte: With aromas of bergamot and non-GMO antibiotic-free raw milk, this ready-to-drink product highlights the refreshing taste of 100% Earl Grey black tea.
- Coldpresso Café Latte: A blend of coffee and tea, this drink combines freshly-ground coffee blended using Coffee Blender's unique methods that avoid heat-induced oxidation with organic black tea extract from India and antibiotic-free milk.