MyForest Foods Co. announced its flagship product, MyTMBacon, is available for sale at 32 retailer and foodservice locations across New York and Massachusetts. Following MyForest Foods’ initial expansion into New York City with two retail partners in November 2022, the list has continued to grow, driven by strong consumer demand and enabled by the fast ramp-up in production at its new state-of-the-art mycelium farm in Upstate New York.

MyBacon's expansion and the growing market for mycelium foods are indicative of its recent momentum. Given the increasing demand, MyForest Foods brings its second highly-anticipated product to market later this year: MyTMJerky. Derived from the same mycelium ingredient, MyJerky is the latest proof point of the company’s commitment to meeting consumers’ desires for high-quality, meatless options.

To support the expanded product availability, MyForest Foods also announced its first successful harvest production with Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd., based in Ontario, Canada, who scaled operations one year after announcing their initial trial partnership. Whitecrest’s farm, outfitted with Ecovative’s patented AirMycelium™ technology, is expected to produce an annual yield of nearly three million pounds of MyBacon mycelium on less than an acre of land.

To keep up with demand and mark an international foothold, MyForest Foods also reaps benefits from Ecovative’s recent acquisition of the Lambert Spawn Europa B.V. facility in the Netherlands. With this deal, Ecovative, the mycelium technology company that spun out MyForest Foods in 2020, expands the global reach of its patented mycelium technologies to more than five continents. The acquired facility will continue producing spawn to serve its existing customers, as well as substrate used to grow mycelium materials, which will directly support MyForest Foods and its popular MyBacon product.