Next Gen Foods – the makers of TiNDLE and Mwah! – announced an early look at its cutting-edge technology platform called TiNDLE TrueCut™ and brand-new foodservice products, TiNDLE Chicken Wings and TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage. The latest products from the food tech startup was featured for the first time at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

In two years, TiNDLE has grown from a presence in about a dozen restaurants across Singapore to offering its versatile plant-based chicken in thousands of restaurants and supermarkets globally, with a strong foothold in the meat-loving markets of Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The company continues to focus development of its comprehensive portfolio on meeting consumer needs, complementing its existing breadth of both foodservice and retail products with TiNDLE TrueCut™, TiNDLE Chicken Wings, and TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage.

The TiNDLE TrueCut™ technology is the backbone behind a new line of whole muscle chicken, which uses custom and advanced techniques in plant-based protein development to offer unrivaled flavor, texture, and mouthfeel. The application of TiNDLE TrueCut™ to the brand's growing line of plant-based chicken products comes at a time when consumer expectations are rising for rise for plant-based meats to mirror the authentic experience of animal-based meats.

Delivering the same firm chew and craveable umami flavor as a whole cut of chicken, not unlike that of a chicken breast, TiNDLE TrueCut™ uses simple plant-based ingredients to mirror what fat content and muscle tissue does in poultry chicken. The innovation behind TiNDLE TrueCut™ is the ability to perfect the meat texture during the manufacturing process, while using a base protein made of only five ingredients: water, soy protein, sunflower and rapeseed oils, natural flavorings, and salt. It also contains no GMO ingredients or cholesterol.

TiNDLE TrueCut™ is a result of extensive product development led by the expert R&D team at Next Gen Foods and chief technology officer John Seegers – coupled with robust applications testing with professional chefs and culinary experts around the globe. To design TiNDLE TrueCut™, the Next Gen R&D team brought its combined expertise in plant-based food development, using unique discoveries in how to refine proteins and fibers and accurately recreate the elements of what makes the structure of animal meat taste and cook the way it does – namely the culinary qualities that come from a combination of muscle tissue and fat. The TiNDLE TrueCut™ technology unlocks unlimited potential for the Next Gen team to customize at an unprecedented pace, developing various cuts of chicken meat to provide an authentic poultry experience.

The company has not yet announced a launch date new products made with TiNDLE TrueCut™; additional details on its release will be shared later this year.