I can barely put a thought together today because all of my focus is on the pain in my right ankle.
I logged late hours at my trampoline gymnasium last night and, in a tired state, came down with an awkward twist on my right foot and ankle.
It was a misguided stunt.

Bouncing on a trampoline, I launched myself high into the air, so high that I became frightened. My arms flailed above me until my knuckles clanged against steel. The rafters!
I wrapped my arms around a beam and remained there stuck to the ceiling of this cavernous gymnasium with approximately thirty trampolines below.
I cried for help, but at the late hour, not a soul heard me. After fifteen minutes of hovering high above the quilt of trampolines, I forced my mind to confront the reality that I must drop to the floor without aid.
It took twenty eight Mississippis for me to summon the courage to release my grip on the rafter. I screamed as I descended, and my feet began turning toward the ground like a house-cat who has just missteped from the roof of a ranch home. As I landed, my ankle buckled and the pain shot to my throat and pulled my vocal chords tight so that they could not vibrate to sound.
Shock, you might say.

And now, here I am, attempting to help you climb the mountain of information on this website with an elevated foot that looks like it's been painted purple and inflated to assist a novice swimmer in the deep end.
Make no mistake, dear friends. Trampoline-ing is dangerous business!

And now, your weekly reduction: Articles and videos regarding the development of new authentic and ethnic food and beverage products.

In many cases, chefs are employing traditional cooking techniques of the countries but adding their own updated touches, often through the use of local ingredients.

Korean food stands out from other cuisines with the many side dishes, or banchan, which are served during meals.

Yum Brands Inc.'s Taco Bell will begin testing an expanded, more upmarket menu that focuses on fresh on January 26 in Louisville, Kentucky, and Bakersfield, California.

With consumers still seeking the robust and authentically ethnic flavors they are accustomed to enjoying in restaurants, the fortunes of sauces and marinades have swelled.

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A Culinary Approach to Creating Premium Products

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