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I will say that I took in an episode of House Hunters the other day and followed it up with 43 others. I have never been addicted to a television show. I've never been addicted to much, save for grape flavor Hubba Bubba. That is not an official endorsement, but it is a strong opinion. And yes, there is a difference between the two.

This program, if you haven't seen it, gives the viewer access to the insides of people's homes, all while prompting you to dream of how you may organize the living space. Goodness, it keeps me awake at night, thinking of what I would have done with that northern Italian farmhouse. I planned it out last night. The house would be well-appointed, but sparsely decorated. Edging toward spartan. Then, in the front yard, I would erect a grand treehouse, one with a porch and swing, easy chair and storage chest. And, if there were no tree in the front yard, then I would grow a tree. Or perhaps impatience would grow on me and I would design my treehouse on the ground. Do you suppose if I planted a small tree and then built a treehouse around it that it would lift the structure into the air as it grew?

This is why I do not sleep.

Here, then, is your weekly reduction, articles and videos about proteins and enzymes.

Science demonstrates that spreading out protein consumption across a day maximizes muscle maintenance benefits; it is more effective to consume about 30g of quality protein several times a day than to devour the day’s protein ration in just one or two meals.

Women whose daily diets provided 10mg or more of soy isoflavones had a 25% lower risk of breast cancer recurrence compared to those who consumed less than 4mg daily.

The low solubility of traditional isolated soy protein below the isoelectric point requires the incorporation of stabilizers designed for low-pH beverages, as well as homogenization for maximum beverage stabilization.

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Soy-based Egg Replacers in Batters and Other Baked Goods

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