I can't stop eating bacon. I don't know why I am beginning an entry about developing food products for vegetarians by making that claim. All I can say is that it is on my mind and I had to admit it to someone. There. It's out there. Now, onto the matter at hand.

Without a doubt, you've had, or soon will have, the charge of developing a formulation that takes vegetarians into account. Some products fit the bill more readily than others. A lollipop? No problem. A frozen chicken breast? Umm.... The weird thing is, you can do it! You're a group of magical experimenters that tinker and noodle until you have an answer. I'm dumbfounded each time I encounter a product that clears what I would consider an insurmountable obstacle. That said, if you are looking for inspiration in developing products for vegetarians, you need not look further. Here on PreparedFoods.com we have a litany of articles and videos that can assist you in your research.

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Articles and videos concerning vegetarian diets in product development.

Vegetarians at the Gates
Some 7% of consumers identify themselves as vegetarian; however, 36% indicate the use of meat alternatives.

Good to Grow On
Kids’ foods are more than child’s play. Processors must create nutritious foods that taste good to kids -- and address a host of other challenges.

Jamba's Green Fusion
Jamba Green Fusion fruit and veggie smoothie is the latest smoothie kit developed by Inventure Foods, in partnership with Jamba Juice Co.

Veggie Diets and Health
Vegetarian diets have been linked with reductions in risk for several chronic diseases, including hypertension, but a new study has claimed that they are also associated with reduced death rates.

Soy and Tomatoes Work Well Together
Tomatoes and soy foods may be more effective in preventing prostate cancer when they are eaten together than when either is eaten alone.

Flavorful Fake-outs
Although most animal protein analogs are still made from soy, ingredients such as mushrooms, nuts, grains and even eggplant are providing new alternatives for meat.

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