Cupcakes are still trending as the nation’s number one dessert, according to The Food Network. Likewise, in-store bakery cupcake sales were up 6% during the past three years, and cupcakes are penetrating foodservice menus at a rapid pace, says Rich Products Corp. These statistics led Rich’s to develop two Jon Donaire ice cream-filled cupcake offerings (yellow and chocolate) for in-store bakeries. Each features vanilla ice cream at the center, and Rich’s crowns the cupcakes with whipped topping. “It’s unlike anything we’ve seen in the market before,” says Liz Perkins, marketing manager for Rich’s In-Store Bakery division. “Whether you’re searching for dessert options for your child’s birthday party or for something sweet for your family to enjoy after dinner, Jon Donaire’s ice cream cupcakes are the perfect solution.”  
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