Naked Salsa in body

January 8/Calabasas, Calif. -- NAKED infusions introduces a new organic, gourmet salsa to the food industry. The founder of NAKED infusions, Selene Kepila, learned firsthand about the inherent beauty of food that comes from nature.

With Naked Infusions, Selene finally recreated the salsa of her youth. And while it has taken two years in her kitchen to rebuild these recipes from memory, she certainly does not do any of this alone. In fact, she reports her most important ingredient comes in the form of care and attention from local California farmers. Their efforts provide the rich, smooth, clean, authentic flavors that are the hallmark of Naked Infusions, anchored by a Signature Ripe Tomato blend, the original recipe from which all of its other flavors are infused. Rustic Blue Cheese, Fire Roasted Garlic and California Burnt Sage follow traditional savory flavor designs, while the dark sweetness of our Black Silk Espresso and Oaxaca White Chocolate are inspired by the global flavor combinations discovered during her many travels. NAKED infusions prides itself in offering a 100% organic salsa that has no sugar, no vinegar, no onions.

What started as Selene's own personal quest has grown into something much bigger. NAKED infusions participate at local farmer’s markets where loyal followers and new friends alike seek them out, commenting on how NAKED infusions is the freshest salsa they’ve ever tasted. NAKED infusions attracted the attention of local foragers from Whole Foods and will start appearing on their shelves nationally in 2014. With national distribution and their co-packing facility, NAKED infusions is poised to expand with a scalability model that will continue to support local farmers, spreading the fruits of their labor into new markets, literally and figuratively.