Chocolate spreadKRAFT Foodservice introduces a PHILADELPHIA Delights Chocolate Spreads product, which it describes as a “decadent blend of rich chocolate, fresh milk and real cream.” Available in three delicious flavors—Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon and Caramel—PHILADELPHIA Delights provides operators with opportunities to easily upscale a dessert menu, as well as add excitement to breakfast items, snack treats, specialty beverages and more.

Kraft says operators can quickly enhance a variety of menu items with the convenient, ready-to-use PHILADELPHIA Delights pouch format. Simply top off, drizzle on, bake in, layer, mix, blend or use as a rich frosting or glaze right out of the package. Lower in calories and fat than nut-based chocolate spreads[1], PHILADELPHIA Delights does not contain nuts and provides a delicious offering for those with nut allergies.

Whether showcased on its own or used as an ingredient to complement a dish, PHILADELPHIA Delights is a back-of-house essential that can effortlessly set menu items apart. Cinnamon flavor creates delicious cinnamon Delights and pecan oatmeal - a warm, creamy upgrade from the classic breakfast bowl. Caramel delights brownie push-pops are a luxurious dessert that layers creamy PHILADELPHIA Delights Caramel with brownie bites. Use Dark Chocolate Delights for a smooth and rich dark hot chocolate to enhance the classic cold weather beverage.

In addition to the convenient 2lb pouch format, KRAFT Foodservice also introduced PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights last October. Available in convenient 1.25oz portion control cups, PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights are the 100 calorie treat, available in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Caramel and Cinnamon flavors for a quick snack or treat on the go. With the convenience of snack size portions, operators can quickly offer customers flavorful treats like crisp green apples with Cinnamon PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights or pretzels with Milk Chocolate PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights for a sweet and salty option. To create a sweeter take to the classic treat, operators may turn Caramel PHILADELPHIA Snack Delights into a cookie dip for a sweet new treat customers will love.


 [1] Comparison based on 2Tbsp. PHILADELPHIA Delights vs. 2Tbsp. Nutella