Sweet and Savour Fries in body

February 27/New York -- Lamb Weston has introduced a new Sweet Potato Fries range: Sweet ‘n Savour.

Market research conducted by Lamb Weston showed that consumers will order an additional side dish if Sweet ‘n Savour Fries are on the menu. They are also willing to pay more for Sweet ‘n Savour Fries, alleges Lamb Weston, which offers restaurant owners new ways to increase profit and sales.

This allows casual dining and quick-service restaurants especially to differentiate from competitors by offering a varied menu.

Extensive market research in Europe and the Middle East has shown that 77% of the people who have tried Sweet Potato like it. Not only are customers willing to pay more for the new product, but restaurants also benefit from more profit because of the smaller portion sizes.

“We support and partner up with our customers striving to deliver profitable solutions and peace of mind. Innovation that adds value and differentiation to their business is an important driver for our strategy and Sweet ‘n Savour is a perfect proof point of this,” said Maarten Ploos van Amstel, international channel manager at Lamb Weston.

Sweet ‘n Savour Fries can be fried or oven baked. They come in two different forms: Crispy Fries and Ribble Fries, both deep frozen.