Lofthouse Cookies, a brand of ConAgra Foods, Inc., announced that the brand’s main bakery in Ogden, Utah, completed a transition to becoming a nut-free facility on July 1. With nut allergies affecting nearly 2% of the U.S. population1, the move allows those consumers to enjoy all of Lofthouse Cookies’ well-known frosted sugar cookies.

“Lofthouse Cookies’ transition to a nut-free facility is welcome news for cookie lovers everywhere,” said William Miller, senior brand manager for Lofthouse Cookies. “We know that nut allergies are a constant concern for millions of Americans and we’re glad this move will allow them to choose Lofthouse Cookies with confidence.”

While 90% of Lofthouse Cookies current product offerings are made without nuts, the move to a nut-free facility reduces the potential for inadvertent cross-contact with nut containing products, which is important for those suffering from nut allergies. As part of the transition, Lofthouse Cookies’ nut-based offerings, which include peanut butter cookies and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, will shift to a bakery in South Beloit, Ill., that already produced nut-based products. Officials said the transition will not impact the recipes for any current Lofthouse Cookies products.

Consumers can look for a “Manufactured in a Nut Free Facility” statement on Lofthouse Cookies packaging in stores soon. Additional in-store signage will also alert consumers to the transition.

Lofthouse Cookies’ frosted sugar cookies and are available at grocery stores and major retailers nationwide.