Seawind Foods, dehydrated spices, cinnamonSeawind Foods, formerly Seawind International, used IFT to showcase its broad line of dehydrated products and share its plans to grow and expand in the market. Leading the initiatives are experienced executives Garry Green and Julie Swink who share a vision to maintain Seawind’s reputation for delivering the highest level of customer service and sourcing the best available raw materials—while growing the product line and distribution channels.

“Seawind Foods has a long legacy of delivering quality – both in its products and its customer service – all while maintaining a competitive price point that sets us apart from our competitors,” says Green, president and CEO. “Julie and I are proud of this heritage and aim to maintain those benchmarks while seeking out new opportunities to grow the business.”


Ensuring Quality and Accountability

Seawind uses high-quality ingredients and processes to create it products and has earned key certifications and designations for excellence and purity from the Food and Drug Administration and United States Department of Agriculture.  Every product is evaluated prior to packaging and comes with a certificate of analysis from a trusted third-party laboratory.

  • Vegetables – Seawind continuously harvests the world to offer its 30 varieties of premium dehydrated vegetables, available in dices, granules, flakes, powders and custom blends.  The top five sellers are carrots, beets, celery, bell peppers and jalapenos.
  • Fruits – Seawind’s low sweetened and natural fruits are guaranteed to never contain unnatural sulfites.  Fruits are available as spears, rings, chunks and dices.  Seawind currently offers 10 varieties of fruits, offered as individuals varietal or blends. The top selling fruits are pineapple, mango, crystalized ginger and papaya, with rare tropical fruits such as dragon fruit, guava, jackfruit and starfruit also available.
  • Spices – Seawind offers a range of chef-ready spice and herb varieties including dried chili peppers, cinnamon and custom blends.

Seawind Foods uses zero sulfur dioxide in its dehydration process and its fruits, vegetables and spices contain no genetically modified organisms (GMO), are certified Kosher and meet all standards for Good Manufacturing Practices and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Headquartered in San Clemente, Calif., the company’s supply location in Los Angeles enables in-stock orders to be shipped nationwide within 48 hours


Strategy Set to Tap Into New Markets

With sights set on expansion and innovation, Seawind is looking to grow product offerings into new markets. The team is actively engaging with new wholesalers and distributors under the leadership of Swink, vice president of sales at Seawind Foods.

“The success and longevity of Seawind Foods is a result of a constant focus on innovation and quality,” said Green. “The Seawind leadership team sees tremendous opportunity to grow the business by expanding our product offering, and broadening our distribution channels and reach into new vertical markets.”


—Seawind Foods,