Palsgaard Inc. says extensive testing shows its Emulpals® 110 activated cake emulsifier works well in gluten-free applications. Palsgaard produces world-class bakery emulsifiers for bakers’, retail and industrial cake mixes. The company’s Emulpals and Palsgaard® emulsifiers improve batter stability, cake volume, texture and shelf life while providing an opportunity to reduce costs and simplify cake mix ingredient lists.

“Activated emulsifiers like Emulpals 110 are emulsifier systems extruded on a carrier,” says Monica Brown, Palsgaard technical sales manager-Bakery. “The carrier of Emulpals 110 is rice starch, which has no gluten. But a gluten-free carrier does not automatically make the emulsifier suitable for gluten-free applications, which require additional formulation considerations.”

Brown adds, “Volume development is difficult to achieve in a gluten-free application. There is no gluten to retain the air. So you have to look for systems that allow you to incorporate the air and keep it in the cake batter.” 

After realizing that Emulpals 110 could work in gluten-free cake mixes, Palsgaard technicians’ developed generic formulas suitable for gluten-free applications. 

“Our tests and customer applications showed that Emulpals 110 helps create a soft gluten-free cake with high volume, uniform crumb structure and a good, smooth surface,” reports Brown. “The product delivers uniform functionality and assures that every batch of cake batter is going to be consistent.”

Emulpals 110 emulsifier is based on specially selected polyglycerol esters and mono- and diglycerides optimized for performance in cake systems, resulting in a medium-fast-acting emulsifier with an excellent tolerance towards long whipping times. Emulpals 110 delivers uniform batch-to-batch performance in all types of cake mixes and superior stability over a minimum of 24 months. In addition, Emulpals 110 is fast, efficient and easy to work with, particularly with difficult ingredients such as egg powder, cocoa and oil.

An all-in emulsifier, Emulpals 110 activates instantly once whipping starts. Arne Pedersen, Palsgaard product and application manager, Bakery & Confectionery, says aeration develops after one minute and reaches its optimum level after five to eight minutes, when the emulsifier is completely in balance with the other ingredients in the cake.

Further, Emulpals 110 tolerates seasonal temperature fluctuations of the cake ingredients and the production room, contributing to consistent performance and end-product results.

—Palsgaard Inc.,