Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) is using SupplySide West to demonstrate how GPC’s TruBran®, an insoluble fiber with a typical 85% total dietary fiber level, makes it easy to fortify snacks and foods while delivering great flavor and texture. GPC will showcase TruBran in Cherry Pistachio Granola Bars and Yogurt-Coated Protein Snack Bites.

GPC also will sample Guava White Tea Beverage Stick Packs, to demonstrate the superior dispersing and carrying characteristics of MALTRIN QD® maltodextrin. This results in a refreshing, lightly flavored water with low sweetness. Individually packaged sticks make it easy to mix and sip on the go.

Looking to improve the flow properties or compressibility of active ingredients in tablets or capsules? GPC’s MALTRIN® maltodextrins and Spress® Pregelatinized Corn Starches NF are versatile binders that yield positive results for a wide variety of granulation processes.

Other applications, such as soft-gel capsules, aqueous film-coated tablets and oral thin films, exhibit the excellent film-forming properties of GPC’s PURE-COTE® and INSTANT PURE-COTE® modified starches.

—Grain Processing Corporation,