Natural ingredient supplier RFI Ingredients (Blauvelt, N.Y.) has introduced a new food-grade, oil-soluble, green tea antioxidant. The product involves a proprietary extraction and formulation method that provides excellent antioxidant capabilities to extend the shelflife of food products susceptible to oxidation. Particular product areas include meat and poultry applications. The product imparts minimal flavor and odor and can be labeled as a natural flavor. The company also announces that, in keeping with ongoing trends in the industry, RFI has now defined a new core platform based on organic ingredients with GMP-certified organic manufacturing facilities in North and South America and China. The company's product lines include fruit, vegetable and botanical powders; extracts and concentrates; cereal grasses (barley, wheat, alfalfa); OxyPhyte[r] natural antioxidants; ColorPure[r] natural colors; and Chocamine[tm] patent-pending cocoa extract. RFI Ingredients, 845-358-8600