orange juiceLycoRed now offers a micro-encapsulated beadlet line of natural carotenoids and vitamins. This highly stable, vegetarian, kosher and halal product line, manufactured in the U.S. by fluid bed, will complement LycoRed’s core encapsulation technologies: gelatin, alginate and spray-dried coating systems.  This new line allows food and beverage manufacturers to select the ideal technology for their products, depending on the application and the unique requirements associated for their end-products. The new starch beadlet formulations are free-flowing and highly suitable for use in tableting. LycoRed’s starch beadlets are formulated in a unique way; they will not leak following direct compression, a common problem associated with substandard coating systems.  The starch beadlets also are designed for use in dry-blend beverages, as the coating is remarkably water-soluble.  The starch beadlets initially are available for carotenoids lycopene, beta carotene and lutein, and also for vitamin D and A-Acetate.

-- LycoRed Corp.,