Bell Flavors and Fragrances has created a new line of fresh herb flavors that are sure to fit desired profiles. This line of fresh culinary herbs will make consumer taste buds rediscover the true tastes of basil, thyme and many other herbs. Take a classic application and reinvent its profile by infusing any of these boldly fresh flavors.

“Bell’s fresh herb flavors capture the authentic character of a natural herb, from the delicate nuances of watercress to the woody, fragrant notes found in the fresh rosemary,” says Gary Czosek, senior savory flavorist. “Our line of fresh herb flavors reflects the signature notes found in nature and will help you achieve an all-natural herbaceous profile you desire.”  


A few of the fresh herbs highlighted in this line include:

•Cilantro – Freshly pungent grassy, green aroma with hints of soapy lemongrass.

•Kaffir Lime Leaves – Zesty green herbaceousness with a unique blend of citrus oil, terpenes and green aromas.

•Mint – There are all kinds of mint, but this fresh culinary herb has a cooling bold spearmint aroma.

•Rosemary – Resinous, buttery aroma with beautiful hints of green, bitter citrus and wood.

•Thai Holy Basil – Different than sweet basil, it has a savory yet sweet aroma with strong notes of licorice.

•Thyme – Very fresh, herbaceous aroma with notes of pine and lemon.

Bell is always expanding and developing new flavors to add to this line of fresh herbs as they are discovered and used in food and beverage.

Bell offers flavors in liquid, powder, spray dry and paste forms, with capabilities including items such as flavor enhancers; masking agents; bitterness suppressors; replacers and extenders for vanilla, cocoa, honey and sweeteners; and salt Reducers.

Bell Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. is a leader in the flavor and fragrance industry. With manufacturing plants in seven countries, as well as more than 40 sales offices around the world, Bell has the ability to create the flavor, fragrance or botanical for any application. For more information visit Bell’s website at