Only Dealers Ingredients offers manufacturers the knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver product performance solutions – naturally.

Since 1976, Dealers Ingredients has supplied quality ingredients to leading food manufacturers and processors across Canada. Now the company is expanding distribution on a global basis. Specializing in supplying natural source ingredients that improve product quality and value—from base Ingredients to customized ingredients to specialty ingredients—Dealers Ingredients provides food and beverage processors with the highest quality products.

After more than a year in development, Dealers Ingredients created PROFI™, a complete vegetable protein containing all essential amino acids in proper proportions—as well as fiber. PROFI can replace soy, dairy and meat as an allergen-friendly, complete vegetable protein source. PROFI also contains dietary fiber to provide one uncomplicated ingredient solution.

This year, Dealers Ingredients exhibited for the first time at SupplySide West and featured PROFI. Show attendees had the opportunity to taste beverages containing PROFI applied at two different protein levels: regular and high.

PROFI is a complete protein solution especially designed to address the issues of taste and product formulation performance. That makes it different than single-source ingredients such as pea protein or another type of pulse protein, which on their own, are not complete vegetable protein sources. Meanwhile, both the plant protein and fiber in PROFI contribute to appetite control and satiety.

PROFI is free of GMOs and allergens (other than oat protein). PROFI also contains high oleic sunflower oil. High oleic sunflower oil contains monounsaturated fat, which also is known for its heart and weight management benefits.

PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score), the internationally used measurement, accounts for a protein’s ability to supply the essential amino acid requirements of humans, corrected for its digestibility. This parameter determines the protein quality and its ability to meet the WHO/FAO/UNU amino acid requirements for adults as well as 3-to-10-year olds. Unlike other protein ingredients, PROFI was specifically developed to also contain a PDCAAS score of 0.75, indicating the efficacy of the product protein solution.

Available in a variety of formulations, all PROFI products have a neutral to mild clean taste that enhances the flavor profile in any final product—without the need for any additional masking. This helps manufacturers save valuable time and money in product development.

PROFI Pro is ideal for adding non-GMO plant protein but without the added fat or allergens from soy or milk or expensive meat options to small or large serving sizes. Product applications include beverages, soups, protein bars, pasta, crackers, cereals and veggie burgers.

PROFI Bake is gluten-free and non-GMO. This is the ideal solution to replace wheat flour on a one–to-one basis in any baking recipe. It blends easily with bakery mixes, without clumping, creating strength without excessive firmness. Its light ivory color is almost invisible when added to baked goods, making it very versatile. It is stable at a range of temperatures and pH levels and represents an ideal way to add protein and fiber to a wide array of final baked products.

“Response to PROFI has been positive,” notes Chuck Harvey, Dealers Ingredients president and CEO. “To-date, PROFI has been in the test phase with several large companies in a variety of applications including bars, beverages, soups, pizza crust, breads, cookies and cakes.”

Dealers Ingredients’ product consultants have years of hands-on experience working with food technologists. It is a partnership that we value as we work together to create improvements in product performance within the areas of quality, nutrition, label declarations and profit margins.

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