Wixon has expanded its portfolio of proprietary Mag-nifique technologies, a collection of 18 all-natural flavor modifiers designed to enhance food and beverage products, to include a non-GMO option.

Created in response to market trends and consumer demand, the flavor modifying solutions positively impact nutritional, every day, and functional ingredients that pose texture and flavor challenges – all without GMOs.

The Mag-nifique portfolio can remove unwanted off-notes, bitterness, sodium, fat, and sugar in food and beverages, while taste remains unchanged. The non-GMO technologies are all-natural and ideal for low-calorie, fortified, and botanically-enhanced products in a variety of consumer segments. The original Mag-nifique formulas will continue to be available as well.

“Research indicates that consumers are interested in non-GMO in their food and drinks,” says Leda Strand, Wixon’s vice president of research & development. “We now offer GMO-free versions of Mag-nifique flavor modifiers as an option for manufacturers who are seeking to enhance their products without compromising on taste.”

The Mag-nifique line of flavor technologies includes Sweet Solutions:

• Mag-nifique Mouthfeel – creates the perception of creaminess in reduced fat or no fat products

• Mag-nifique for Stevia – reduces the bitter aftertaste caused by Stevia

• Mag-nifique Sugar-Lift – enhances sweetness perception

• Mag-nifique Sweet Advantage – reduces calories from sugar while retaining sweetness

• Mag-nifique Sweet-Away – reduces the sensation of sweetness. As a result, desired flavor profiles are released naturally.

• Mag-nifique Sweet-Away for High-Intensity Sweeteners – reduces the lingering aftertaste of high-intensity sweeteners, such as sucralose

• Mag-nifique Sweet-Lift – enhances sweetness so sugar usage can be reduced Salty Solutions

• KCLean Salt – looks, tastes, and has the texture of regular salt with half the sodium

• Mag-nifique Mimic – reduces the metallic character of potassium-based salt substitutes

• Mag-nifique Salt-Away – reduces the perception of saltiness

• Mag-nifique Umami – enhances savory flavors

Bitter Solutions

• Mag-nifique Astringency Away – reduces astringency perception

• Mag-nifique Bitterless – reduces bitter aftertastes

• Mag-nifique Mask – reduces minor background bitter notes Sour Solutions

• Mag-nifique Sour-Away – reduces the perception of sourness without affecting the pH of a product

• Mag-nifique Sour-Lift – enhances sour perception in products targeting intense flavors Fortification

• Mag-nifique Miner – reduces metallic and chalky aftertastes from minerals

• Mag-nifique Pro-No – masks off-notes from soy protein fortification

• Mag-nifique Vita-Minimizer – suppresses vitamin off-notes

Herbs, Botanicals, and Grains

• Mag-nifique Green Away – reduces green, grassy, grainy hay-like notes

For more than 100 years, Wixon has been a trusted provider of flavors, seasonings, and technologies for food and beverage manufacturers. With its scientific and culinary capabilities combined with a passion for service, Wixon drives innovation and solutions for its customers.

Wixon focuses on its core areas of expertise: Industrial Ingredients, including Foodservice; Consumer Products; and Protein. Customers are encouraged to tap into a portfolio of services, including R&D, custom formulation development, turnkey solutions, and menu ideation.

Wixon ingredients are globally-sourced and go beyond FDA standards to ensure quality and cleanliness. The company also offers spice grinding, blending, and a complete line of package engineering options. Located in St. Francis, Wis., a suburb of Milwaukee, Wixon is GFSI Certified to FSSC 22000, ISO9001 Certified, and QAI Organic Certified. More information on Wixon or any of its products may be obtained at www.wixon.com or by calling (414) 769-3000.