Sensus entered into an agreement to market organic inulin, sourced from agave, under its Frutafit® line of products. Frutafit® OAI is certified USDA organic and will help meet demand in the growing organic market.

The organic market continues to develop, with further growth forecasted in the coming years. Frutafit® OAI gives manufacturers of organic products an easy way to increase the dietary fiber in a wide range of applications, without adversely affecting taste or texture. In fact, Frutafit® OAI can be used to improve texture and reduce calories in many applications, even functioning as sugar or fat replacement in certain applications.

In addition to its functional benefits, clinical research has demonstrated the effectiveness of Frutafit® OAI as a prebiotic fiber, allowing the potential for claims related to digestive health.

Sensus is a leading supplier of chicory root fiber under the Frutafit® and Frutalose® brand names. This ingredient is sourced from natural chicory roots and is becoming the soluble dietary fiber of choice for food and beverage manufacturers worldwide.

Sensus carries a complete line of products that are recognized not only for their functional properties, but also for the multiple health benefits that are supported by a vast collection of clinical research studies.

For more information contact Scott Turowski, Manager Technical Sales, Sensus America, +1 646 452 6140 or at mail