Smart Flour Foods introduced a new and improved, ancient-grain based hamburger bun for foodservice customers. Featuring the taste, texture, and nutritional power of the whole grains sorghum, amaranth and teff, these naturally gluten-free hamburger buns are hearty enough for a thick meat or veggie patty and have mass-market taste appeal. The company is also launching brand new hoagie rolls.

An addition to the company’s line of better-for-you product offerings, Smart Flour Foods’ hamburger buns are made with quality, clean ingredients and currently going through Non-GMO Project Verification. Designed with a light texture and dome shape, the updated hamburger buns can be thawed and then grilled, toasted or handled per the chef’s preference. Certified gluten free and void of soy and nuts, these hamburger buns help restaurant owners meet the special dietary needs of customers. In addition, the ancient-grain ingredients make these buns high in protein, calcium and iron, which health-conscious consumers appreciate.

The hoagie roll, similar to the bun but shaped for a sandwich application, is also a new addition to the company’s foodservice lineup. Designed to bring ancient grain goodness to sandwiches, the rolls can be used for a wide variety of applications, from subs to grilled cheese.

Shared Charlie Pace, President and CEO of Smart Flour Foods, “We’re working with restaurants that want to replace all of the hamburger buns or hoagies on their menu with ours. Smart Flour Foods’ products are simply better than their conventional counterparts and provide a delicious option for a wide range of consumers, with and without allergen sensitivities. Our growth and customer feedback about repeat business prove that every day.”

Smart Flour Foods’ hamburger buns are a standard 4” in diameter and sold frozen in a 24-count package. The buns will stay fresh for up to three weeks refrigerated or up to five days at room temperature; no freezing is needed. Smart Flour Foods also offers ancient-grain based pizza crusts, 6x9” flatbread, and pancake & waffle mix.