Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients (CIFI) is launching four new ingredient brands and two other new products at this year’s IFT Booth 561. These new offerings join CIFI’s existing line of 100% Carolina-made sweet potato ingredients, which can replace artificial sweeteners and other unpopular ingredients in clean-label applications.

The new brands are:

• Carolina Original cloudy sweet potato juice: a nutrient-dense, domestically sourced juice that adds flavor, color, and a nutritional boost to baked goods, sauces, and more

• Carolina Clear clarified sweet potato juice: the ideal alternative to high fructose corn syrup and sugar for your health-focused consumer, adding vegetable servings and a health halo

• Carolina Craft dehydrated sweet potato ingredients: sweet potato flour and granules that support gluten-free and non-GMO applications by adding flavor, texture, and nutrients including fiber

• Carolina Sweet clean label sweetener: a vegetable-based, nutritional replacement for high fructose corn syrup and other undesirable sweeteners

These new brands will allow CIFI to better communicate the value of its portfolio of diverse, multifunctional ingredients. In addition, CIFI will introduce two new purple sweet potato products:

• Purple sweet potato juice concentrate: rich in anthocyanin, this product adds not only an abundance of nutrients but also an all-natural and durable purple hue

• Purple sweet potato granules: adds healthy fiber, nutrients, and anthocyanin to baked goods, snacks, and more

“Our product development team has successfully created applications with compelling nutritional profiles, as well as sensory appeal,” says John Kimber, CIFI Chief Operating Officer. “These new ingredients do a great job solving clean label issues and will allow food brands to add the health and trend appeal of sweet potatoes to a wider range of applications. With consumers seeking cleaner labels, sweet potatoes are a great alternative in an industry that demands transparency.”

In addition to debuting its new ingredients, CIFI will feature creative new concepts to showcase the healthy and versatile performance of its entire juice and dehydrated product line in a variety of categories, including savory sauces, salad dressings, baked goods, and refreshment beverages.

The company also will host taste testing in its booth, allowing visitors to compare barbecue sauces made with high fructose corn syrup versus sweet potato juice concentrate. Visitors also can sample a “mocktail” made with purple sweet potato juice concentrate or a brownie sweetened solely with sweet potato juice concentrate. Staff will be on-hand at the show to discuss formulation possibilities.

To experience CIFI’s healthy ingredients and their applications or to request more information about product development to remove high fructose corn syrup and add nutrients, visit CIFI at IFT Booth #561 or online at

Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients
Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients (CIFI) creates healthy sweet potato juice and dehydrated ingredients, fully sourced and processed in North Carolina—America’s sweet potato country. CIFI was founded to support farmers and build a safer, healthier, and more sustainable food supply.