Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients (CIFI) highlighted three new ingredient brands at this year’s IFT show in Las Vegas. These offerings add to CIFI’s portfolio of sweet potato-based ingredients that serve as nutritious additions or replacements in a variety of food and beverage applications.

Among this year’s featured brands are CIFI’s new offerings:

Carolina Sweet: CIFI’s 75 Brix, non-GMO, vegan sweetener can serve as a clean label replacement for other sweeteners (like agave syrup, honey, brown rice syrup, and high fructose corn syrup).

Carolina Pressed: CIFI’s not-from-concentrate juice provides the superior nutritional and taste profile of the sweet potato for use in premium juice blends and other high-quality products.

Carolina Purple: CIFI’s purple sweet potato ingredients come in juice and dehydrated formats, providing a gluten-free, non-GMO color for drinks, baked goods, and more.

“Consumers are more and more often seeking healthier food and beverage options, and the industry is looking for innovative ingredients to help meet that demand,” says John Kimber, CIFI chief operating officer. “As such, we’re constantly seeking new ways to leverage the sweet potato to create nutritious ingredients for developers to add to their formulations. These new ingredients are an opportunity for forward-thinking brands to integrate a trendy, nutritious superfood into their products.”

CIFI’s diverse range of sweet potato ingredients can bring the health and functional benefits of the sweet potato to virtually any application—everything from juice blends and smoothies to baked goods and dairy products. IFT attendees tasted these ingredients in action at the show, where CIFI served two beverages—a 100% juice fusion beverage (half fruit juice and half vegetable juice) and a not-from-concentrate drink. CIFI also sampled snack chips and nutrition bars made with its sweet potato ingredients.

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About Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients

Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients (CIFI) creates healthy sweet potato juice and dehydrated ingredients, fully sourced and processed in North Carolina—America’s sweet potato country. CIFI was founded to support farmers and build a safer, healthier, and more sustainable food supply.