Take a trip around the world with Kashi®'s new line of foods inspired by some of the world's most vibrant food cultures and culinary traditions. Featuring native superfoods and unique flavors – such as teff, basil and berbere – the new foods offer wholesome nutrition and a tasty eating experience.

From the Mediterranean to Africa to South America, Kashi looked to culinary traditions of rich cultures when creating the newest foods, which include savory snack bars, crispy teff thins and adventurous quinoa bowls. While each region is unique and different from the next, they all share a respect for the art of crafting flavor and thrive on what's native to the terrain.

"At Kashi, we are constantly inspired by some of the world's most vibrant ingredients and love bringing them together to create food that provides progressive nutrition and amazing tastes," said Jeff Johnson, surfing nutritionist and senior director of marketing and new ventures at Kashi. "From the unexpected flavors to the real, plant-based ingredients, we hope the new culturally inspired foods leave you feeling just as inspired as we did making them."

Escape From Traditional Snacking With Savory Snack Bars

Kashi Savory Bars are not your normal snack bars. These gluten-free bars are crafted with unique ingredients and savory flavors, such as smoky-sweet peppers and zesty herbs, and only 3g of sugar – making them a perfect afternoon snack. They are available in two delicious flavors: Basil, White Bean & Olive Oil, inspired by the Mediterranean region that is known for its longevity and use of plant-based ingredients; and Quinoa, Corn & Roasted Red Pepper, which combine the bold flavors and ingredients of the diverse Andean region.

A Tasty Twist on Ancient Grains

Teff, the staple grain of Ethiopia, has been around for centuries but Kashi is putting a fresh spin on it in its Teff Thins. Inspired by East African cuisine, these light and crispy crackers harness the power of teff – a gluten-free ancient grain that offers key nutrition such as fiber – and pair it with legumes, seeds and spices in three tasty varieties: Lemon Chickpea Chili, a combination of bright lemon and chili heat; Tomato Lentil Berbere, which features a zesty spice blend of chili powder, paprika and coriander that is used in Ethiopian cuisine; and Red Sea Salt, which highlights the slightly nutty flavor of the grain.

Quinoa Bowls and a Taste of South America

Another ancient grain is brought to the spotlight in Kashi's new Quinoa Bowls. These vegan entrée bowls combine whole grains with hearty veggies and South American-inspired flavors in two hearty combinations: Chimichurri Quinoa and Sweet Potato Quinoa. Each bowl is made with quinoa that is grown and harvested from a collective of family farms in Bolivia, a region that's been cultivating the grain for more than 3,000 years, and offers 9-10g of protein.

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