TIC Gums will showcase the latest clean label texture and stability solutions for use in nutritional applications such as fortified ready-to-drink beverages and gelatin-free gummy vitamins at booth #Y165 during the 2016 SupplySide West Global Expo and Conference in Las Vegas, October 6-7.

As health and wellness trends continue to drive consumer demand for nutritionally fortified products, developers are challenged to meet a variety of dietary restrictions and lifestyle preferences with variations in protein, vitamins and minerals. To target texture and stability in their formulations, manufacturers can leverage the benefits of TIC Gums’ robust portfolio of stabilizer systems to achieve the desired functionality in their nutritional applications.

Ready-to-Drink Protein Beverages

Ticaloid® PRO 181 AG is a clean label stabilizer system designed for ultra-high temperature (UHT) processed, ready-to-drink protein beverages. This innovative blend satisfies clean label formulation requirements, improves processing efficiencies and addresses RTD beverage development challenges including protein stabilization and texture modification.

Ticaloid PRO 181 AG allows manufacturers to push the limits of what can be achieved when formulating new, nutritionally enhanced beverages. This includes the ability to emulsify higher nutritional and flavor oil levels, add protein and support particulate suspension while maintaining the desired texture and stability in ready-to-drink products. Ticaloid PRO 181 AG also increases foam stability allowing for use in non-dairy barista milks. Samples of toasted coconut almond milk will be available at the booth to showcase the benefits of Ticaloid PRO 181 AG.

Gelatin-Free Gummy Vitamins

For formulators looking to replace gelatin in nutritional delivery systems such as gummy vitamins, Ticagel® Natural GC-581 B offers a non-GMO alternative in gelatin-free applications. Important sensory characteristics such as cohesiveness and hardness can be adjusted to allow manufacturers the ability to customize a gelatin-free gummy product that delivers the desired combination of textural components. Samples of gelatin-free gummy vitamins with Ticagel Natural GC-581 B will be available at the booth.

GuarNT® USA Product Line

TIC Gums will also launch the new GuarNT® USA product line. This USA-produced guar gum, developed to enhance traceability from sourcing to processing, allows formulators to have reassurance in the quality, safety and accessibility of their guar supply.

As the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) defines and enforces the regulations around preventative control standards, compliance requirements and imported products, manufacturers are held to a higher level of accountability within their facilities and supply chain. The GuarNT USA product line allows these manufacturers access to a secure and reliable guar supply, which has been subjected to a kill-step validation at an U.S.-based, SQF Level 3 facility.

TIC team of Gum Gurus® will be on hand to speak with manufacturers regarding any unique formulation challenges. Technical papers will be available along with exclusive formulations and product demonstrations to highlight the benefits of using these advanced stabilizer systems in specific nutritional applications.

TIC Gums is a global leader in advanced texture and stabilization solutions for the food industry. Food and beverage companies rely on TIC Gums to improve the texture, stability, consistency, nutritional profile and shelf appeal of their products.

Legendary customer service, high quality standards, and the unrivaled knowledge of TIC Gum Gurus® have made TIC Gums the industry leader for more than 100 years.

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