Ohly’s new SAV-R-SWEET offers a clean tasting, natural solution to target loss of taste in reduced sugar foods and beverages. Specifically, this new product effectively masks the off-taste of stevia, a natural high intensity sweetener used to replace sugar.

It’s no secret that more consumers are demanding low sugar foods and beverages as the trend towards health and wellness continues to evolve. The World Health Organization recommends that adults and children reduce their intake of naturally occurring or added monosaccharides and disaccharides (free sugar) to less than 10% of their total energy intake. 

The use of SAV-R-SWEET—in combination with a high intensity sweetener like Stevia—allows a greater reduction of the sugar content. In different applications such as beverages, sauces, fruit preparations and yogurt drinks, a relative sugar reduction of 50% was achieved and an absolute sucrose reduction of up to 8% (w/w) without compromising on taste.

“We tackled the flavor challenges of stevia sweeteners head on with a partner product that will effectively mask bitterness and boost fruitiness,” says Rainer Huettermann, Ohly global sales director. “It means introducing SAV-R-SWEET facilitates higher levels of sugar reduction and actually improves flavor.”


• Blocks metallic, bitter and off flavors

• Natural and clean label

• Neutral taste, not yeasty

• Enhances fruity flavors. Ideal for fruit preparations, fruity yogurts and fruit drinks

• Labelling: EU and US Natural Flavoring

• Stable under process conditions

• Low cost-in-use


• No calories

• Natural sweetener from the leaves of the stevia plant

• Sweet taste from steviol glycosides approved as a food additives (E960) by the European Commission

Officials say panelist testing results showed a significant improvement in taste experience with different fruit drinks prepared with SAV-R-SWEET against the stevia only control drink. SAV-R-SWEET has the potential to dramatically improve flavor experience of fruit containing products and to reduce their sugar content.

As an ABF Ingredients company, Ohly’s innovations in yeast extracts and specialty powders have achieved a track record for high impact products that define new capabilities in the food, fermentation, nutrition and feed markets.

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