Nexira will use this year’s Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) to showcase several ingredients with functional benefits. Visitors are invited to Nexira’s booth #F14 to learn about Cognivia™, a novel natural solution for cognitive performance; IDAlg™ a natural ingredient for weight management; and Fibregum™, a soluble dietary acacia fiber that aids digestive health.

Here are previews of each important product line.

Novel Natural Solution for Cognitive Performance

Nexira is enriching its expertise in natural phytoingredients by launching the first ingredient combining two Sage species.

Cognivia™ is a unique synergistic combination of Spanish Sage essential oil (Salvia lavandulifolia) and Garden Sage leaf (Salvia officinalis) aqueous extract. The ingredient is specially developed for people wishing to improve their cognitive faculties (memory and concentration).

Sage, also called “sacred grass,” traditionally has been used for its multiple health benefits, such as digestive and calming. More recently, science is confirming its benefits on cognitive performance. Indeed, bibliographic evidences were made on the enhancement of memory capacities (spacial and long term memory and speed of memory), as well as learning process, concentration and alertness.

These health benefits (memory and alertness improvements) are supported by five published clinical studies:

-                 Spanish Sage essential oil improves the quality of memory -especially long-term memory- and speed of memory,

-                 Garden Sage leaf improves cognitive performance, particularly the achievement of attention tasks.

Sage also is scientifically known to be a powerful antioxidant.

Today, Nexira is going further by proving the beneficial synergistic effect of Spanish Sage essential oil and Garden Sage leaf aqueous extract on long-term memory, in both single and prolonged use: Cognivia™’s in vivo study demonstrated significant results compared to individual Sage species.

Data from literature show that Sage species would act by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase and therefore by increasing duration and action of acetylcholine neurotransmitter. Following the positive results demonstrated in our in vivo study, Nexira is still working on a study to explore other involved mechanisms.

Cognivia™ is produced using Nexira’s botanical extraction expertise with a high quality process and rigorous traceability controls.  It benefits from a micro-encapsulation technology with Acacia gum to protect sage essential oil from oxidation and drying process and enhance the powder’s water-dispersibility.

Cognivia™ is suitable for a wide range of applications: capsules, tablets, liquid forms, orodispersible sticks.

Soon available in organic-certified grade, Cognivia™ is part of Nexira’s Premium ingredients portfolio.

Pending claims waiting for EFSA’s assessment on Essential oil (Salvia lavandulifolia):

“Helps to maintain optimal mental well-being, e g, maintaining concentration, attention and memory”

“Helps to maintain memory with age decline and to preserve cognitive function”

Complies with EU and US Food supplement regulations.             

ID-alG™:  Amazing Weight-Loss Results 

More than just a beauty concern, today’s weight management solutions must be considered as an answer to prevent overall health concerns associated with the overweight risk factors.

Nexira offers different innovative weight management solutions, among them its flagship ingredient, ID-alG™.

ID-alG™ is a natural ingredient with unrivaled weight management properties. ID-alG™ is a premium brown seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum), rich in a long chain marine polyphenols called phlorotannins.

In vitro study shows that phlorotannins block by more than 50% the activity of the two main digestive enzymes, lipase and amylase. This inhibition reduces carbohydrates and fat assimilation, nutrients responsible for more than 85% of the caloric intake. ID-alG™ has the natural property to control caloric intake and is thus as a key natural alternative for weight management.

To go further, Nexira conducted in May 2010 a preliminary clinical study on 60 overweight women, with a daily dose of 400mg of ID-alG™ over 2 months. This preliminary clinical study confirmed the exceptional weight management properties of ID-alG™.

Weight-loss observed with ingestion of ID-alG™ was directly correlated with fat mass reduction. An average of 2.8kg weight loss was observed, as well as interesting trends on body shape improvement, to be confirmed. ID-alG™ was also recognized as a safe ingredient, without discomfort, by the volunteers who expressed a general satisfaction for our product.

The latest clinical study was conducted on 88 overweight women, with a daily dose of 400mg of ID-alG™ during 16 weeks. This study strengthens the benefit and tolerability of ID-alG™ for weight loss and silhouette sculpting.

Significant and lasting effects were observed as early as eight weeks after initial consumption with body fat mass loss (- 1.9 kg) and shape improvement (- 2.4 cm on waist, -1.7 cm on hip and -0.9 cm on thigh circumferences).

A sub-group of 28 volunteers composed of women with a BMI (Body Mass Index) > 25 and aged 45+, when weigh management could be a challenge, was detailled. Remarkable results were revealed with 3.6 kg of body weight loss, waist reduction of 2.7 cm and hip reduction of 2.9 cm.

These compelling weight-loss results confirm the favorable and safe effect of ID-alG™ on lipid and carbohydrate storage and metabolism as well on control of caloric intake and body fat mass.

Healthy Acacia Gum with Prebiotic Effects!

Fibregum™, soluble fiber with prebiotic effect, offers strong advantages thanks to its high stability through extreme process (pH, heat, yeast fermentation). Odorless, flavorless and tasteless, Fibregum™ is perfectly adapted to a large range of food formulations and combines digestive health properties with specific technological properties.

Nexira offers specific grades of Fibregum™ allowing manufacturer to find the right grade for the right formulation. For example, specific grades of Fibregum™ can offer a better granulation for an easier and faster solubility or also a reduced water activity.

With a non-sticking effect on teeth, improving flavor release and extending the life of flavors, Fibregum™ easily works with sugarless formulation of confectionery, thereby perfectly answering the increasing demand for healthier, sugarless and safe-for-teeth sweets. In addition, Fibregum™ is certified with the tooth friendly label. In beverages, Fibregum™ provides a smooth and round mouthfeel, well appreciated by the industry to improve the flavor release while preserving brightness.

Fibregum™ has highlighted its digestive and gut health properties such as a prebiotic effect at the dose of 5-10g/day, a great digestive tolerance up to 50g/day.

Moreover, Fibregum™ answers to the four key trends of the health and nutrition market: natural origin, efficiency, taste and convenience.

-                 The natural origin of ingredients is more and more important for consumers. Fibregum™ is an all-natural fiber of acacia gum, obtained without chemical or enzymatic treatment, available with organic certifications. In addition, Fibregum™ has been successfully verified by Non GMO project to meet the increasing demand of consumers in North America for this kind of labelling.

-                 Consumers are also paying close attention to health benefits of fibers. Fibregum™ offers digestive and gut health properties supported by serious scientific studies.

-                 Fibregum™ can be incorporated in food and beverages formulations without negative impacts on taste and organoleptic properties of finished products benefit from the fiber-related claims.

Moreover, as Fibregum™ already answered to the specific demands of “gluten-free” and “lactose-free,” we can add that Fibregum™ is perfectly suited for fructose, lactose and polyol free products.

Learn more by visiting Nexira at HiE at Booth Number: F14

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