Demand for certified Non-GMO food is steadily increasing as more consumers seek reliability about the origin of their daily food and the technologies used to make it. 

The aim of the NSF Non-GMO True North standard is to assure consumers about the integrity of Non-GMO claims and to grow the breadth and diversity of Non-GMO products. Jungbunzlauer now has obtained the certification of compliance to the “NSF Non-GMO True North” standard for food ingredients manufactured in Jungbunzlauer factories.

Jungbunzlauer offers a range of fermentation-based ingredients, such as organic acids (citric, gluconic and lactic acid); the stabilizer, xanthan gum; and the sweetener, erythritol; which are produced from basic carbohydrates. These products, and their derivatives, serve as important raw materials and additives in the production of foods and beverages. 

After reviewing the whole manufacturing process, NSF has concluded that Jungbunzlauer products manufactured in its plants in Austria, France and Germany comply with the True North Non-GMO standard, and hence offer safe, sustainably-made Non-GMO food ingredients.