McSweeney's Premium Jerky & Meat Snacks introduced L'il Peps, a new snack-as-you-go pepperoni offering. Packaged in 150 gram portioned re-sealable pouches, these on-the-go snacks require no refrigeration and are suited for busy lifestyles.

McSweeney's L'il Peps come in Original or Honey Garlic flavor, are high in protein, naturally smoked and gluten free.

"Meat snack consumers want snacks that are portable, taste great and offer the protein to keep them going until their next meal; McSweeney's L'il Peps fit the bill, one pouch contains as much as 37g of protein", says Kylie Landry, McSweeney's Brand Manager. "McSweeney's goal is to offer our consumers choice within the meat snack section. These new bite size pepperoni sticks are ideal for sharing and easy to consume when on the go. With portable items increasing in market share and a trend towards protein-rich and satisfying snacking, McSweeney's L'il Peps are certain to satisfy."