Simply Sesame launched a line of sesame spreads that are available in three flavors that include Pure Roasted, Pistachio Morsels with a hint of Cardamom and Vanilla with Almond Bites. All three flavors can be purchased online at

Simply Sesame spreads are a new, on-trend product that provides consumers of all ages with a “Healthy Spread” alternative. Simply Sesame spreads are a great vegetarian source of protein that are rich in vitamins, made with no additives or preservatives, palm oil free, vegan, peanut free, trans fat free, gluten free and verified non-gmo.

Today consumers are accelerating the demand for plant-based foods that can provide them with healthier snack options that reduces calories, cholesterol, and saturated fats, while maintaining a tasty and delicious flavor profile.
According to the company, the palm oil industry is a major threat to the indigenous people and animals that live and thrive in the rainforest. In Malaysia and Indonesia, palm oil production has destroyed vast areas of rainforests and has left the indigenous people and animals displaced and impoverished. The company’s goal is to alert consumers to the unhealthiness of palm oil.