Australian dairy brand, a2 Milk®, announced the expansion of its line of 100% pure, natural cows' milk that is easy to digest with a new Chocolate 2% Reduced Fat Milk.

Conventional milk contains a combination of A1 and A2 beta casein proteins (A1 and A2 protein), but the a2 Milk® brand exclusively and naturally only has the A2 protein. Many people who perceive themselves as lactose intolerant actually find they have a sensitivity to the A1 protein and can happily enjoy a2 Milk® without these digestive downsides.

All domesticated cows produce only the A2 type protein. Because of a naturally occurring genetic mutation in European herds, another milk protein, A1, appeared and spread worldwide due to human migration and modern farming practices.

Today, the majority of milk consumed in America contains the A1 protein often associated with digestion problems or discomfort. Fortunately, thanks to The a2 Milk Company™, people with milk sensitivities, including perceived lactose intolerance, can now see the glass half full – in fact, many consumers who experience discomfort consuming conventional cows' milk find they can enjoy a2 Milk® without the downsides. With 20% of the population potentially misdiagnosing themselves as lactose intolerant when they may be suffering from sensitivity to the A1 protein, a2 Milk® is positioned to change the way people consume dairy on global scale.

The a2 Milk Company™ works with local dairy farmers to identify cows that only produce the A2 protein, segregate them into their own herds, milk and process their milk separately. The result is certified a2 Milk® with no A1 protein, which makes it possible for those with sensitivities to enjoy dairy milk. a2 Milk® products are made from pure, natural cows' milk, completely free of any added hormones, rBST and antibiotics.

a2 Milk®'s Chocolate 2% Reduced Fat Milk (SRP: $3.99-$4.49/half gallon) is 100% real milk that is made with Dutch process cocoa, which provides a rich and creamy taste full of essential nutrients.