Kemin Industries’ Food Technologies division has released “Color Challenge,” a new video demonstrating how meat and poultry processors can better retain fresh color in meat products with the addition of Kemin color protection solutions.

“A majority of consumers base their purchase decisions on the visual attributes of the meat and correlate its bright red color with quality and freshness,” says Courtney Schwartz, senior marketing communications manager for Kemin Food Technologies. “We developed this video to showcase how effective Kemin FORTIUM® A is at delaying the color degradation in meat products that is caused by oxidation.”

FORTIUM A is a line of acerola extract-based antioxidants designed for maximum effectiveness against color degradation. Acerola cherry powder from Kemin is an extract high in the natural form of ascorbic acid, which helps protect the color of a variety of food and beverage products. Acerola extract is also well known in the meat and poultry industry for its cure-accelerating abilities in conjunction with a source of nitrite.

“Not only does acerola extract protect the organoleptic qualities of products over the long term, as a single ingredient solution it is an excellent consumer-friendly option, acerola extract benefits meat manufacturers by keeping fresh meat color (myoglobin) in its reduced state, extending color-life,” adds Schwartz. “FORTIUM A can be used in natural meat products and is available in both liquid and dry forms.”

The meat and poultry markets grow more competitive every day, especially as consumers become savvier and have an abundance of available information regarding their food choices. Kemin offers manufacturers the technical expertise and protein knowledge to answer production challenges while providing customized shelf-life solutions.

Visit for more information or to access a full research report showing how acerola extract can help extend color shelf-life in fresh, ground beef.

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