Only What You Need Inc. now offers OWYN ready-to-drink, plant-based protein shakes, which boast 20 grams of plant protein, organic greens and more than 500 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. The lineup does not contain dairy, gluten or soy, the company says. 

Available in three flavors — Cold Brew Coffee, Dark Chocolate and Vanilla — the protein shakes are made with the company’s protein blend, featuring pea protein, organic pumpkin powder and organic flaxseed oil. Additionally, the lineup offers 5 grams of fiber and 180 calories in each 12-ounce bottle. 

OWYN Plant-Based Protein Shakes have a suggested retail price between $3.49 and $3.99 for a bottle and is distributed throughout New York City, with national roll outs planned in 2018. The lineup also is available for purchase on and the company’s website,