Health Warrior’s Pumpkin Seed Bars are now USDA Certified Organic. All five flavors—Dark Chocolate, Honey Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Peanut, Cinnamon Spice, and Honey Cracked Pepper with Turmeric—now use the best organic ingredients to serve a simple, plant-protein packed snack.

With a new set of ingredients also comes a new look. Colorful, bold packaging to brighten up a snacking routine and a window panel for a sneak peek at the bar itself makes the change fun and ingredient-forward. An overall upgrade for Health Warrior, the new Organic Pumpkin Seed Bar packs a punch.

Health Warrior’s Organic Pumpkin Seed Bars are one of very few products in the category that has USDA Organic certification. The only sweetener used in each bar is a teaspoon of Organic Wildflower Honey, and the bars are naturally high in protein from pumpkin seeds.