Demand for plant protein foods shows no signs of abating, yet these alterative protein sources can present flavor challenges. Wixon’s proprietary flavor technologies and on-trend seasoning blends offer innovative custom taste solutions for this expanding market segment. 

Wixon will use it IFT Food Expo Booth S4953 to sample consumer-winning flavor profiles in these plant-forward applications: 

Caramel Macchiato Protein Shake Powder contains pea, chia, quinoa, and proprietary Wixon flavor technologies that optimize sensory perception: 

*Astringency Away neutralizes the base, reducing off-flavors from pea protein.

*Mouthfeel technology reduces grittiness of proteins.

*Mag-nifique™ sweetness enhancer increases sweet perception in reduced sucrose systems.

Dessert Overload Trail Mix showcases Wixon’s Crème Brulee flavored cashews, Tiramisu flavored hazelnuts and Cinnamon Sugar flavored walnuts.

Eat Your Veggies Trail Mix combines freeze-dried vegetables, fava beans and almonds, all flavored with Wixon Moroccan Market seasoning, and contains KCLean Salt™ to impart all the flavor but half the sodium of regular salt. 

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives contain Wixon technologies and seasoning blends, and are topped off with complementary sauces.

Meatball Analogs – Inspired by a favorite Middle Eastern snack, Crunchy Kibbeh Croquette with Wixon Yemen Curry seasoning, and Roasted Kibbeh Croquette with Wixon Moroccan Market seasoning.

• Ground Meat Crumble Analog – Inspired by a popular Moroccan street food, Kefta Crumble with Wixon Berbere seasoning 

Both meat analogs incorporate: 

WixFresh™ RSS naturally reduces sodium and maintains expected salty taste.

Magnifique™ Pro-No helps mask off-notes imparted by plant proteins.

Visit Wixon’s IFT Booth # S4953 to taste the trends! For more information on these products and all Wixon custom taste solutions, visit