Watch this New Food & Beverage Products video to learn more about Meatbar™️ from GreenSpace Brands Inc.

GreenSpace Brands Inc. announced the launch of Meatbar™️, its new brand under the premium meat-based snack category. Meatbar is launching with three flavors - Sriracha, Sweet & Savory, and Original, and is the first meat snack in the Canadian market in a 'bar' format.

The introduction of Meatbar™️ is a demonstration of GreenSpace's ongoing commitment to develop internal brands and new products from idea to launch in innovative categories. Meat-based snacking is a substantial vertical ($1.4B 2017) that is experiencing high growth and is expected to be a strong trend for years to come with few entrants positioned with natural and grass fed offerings. Meatbar™️ features grass fed meats with assorted spices, nuts and seeds in a convenient 'bar' format. 

Meatbar™️ is launching with three product offerings, and GreenSpace is continuing to investigate further innovation to round out the offering with other meat based snacking options in the near future. The current flavors include Sriracha which features grass fed beef, antibiotic free pork and nitrate free bacon; Sweet and Savory which features grass fed beef, cranberries and pumpkin seeds; and Original, simply featuring grass fed beef and assorted spices.