Banza, known for making chickpea pasta, announced the creation of a new product: Chickpea Rice. The product will allow Banza to further its mission of making nutritious food more accessible by offering healthier versions of comfort foods.

With three times the protein, double the fiber, and 30% fewer net carbs than brown rice, Banza's rice is a high-protein, high-fiber, reduced-carb alternative to rice, quinoa, and other grains. Naturally gluten-free, Banza's rice is quick and easy, and is a shelf-stable, satiating base or side for any meal. Banza's rice is available in two varieties: Chickpea and Tricolor Legume (a mix of chickpea, red lentil, and green pea rice). Banza is now launching its new rice in the rice and grains aisle of Whole Foods locations nationwide.

Since launching nearly five years ago, Banza has become the fastest selling pasta brand in the U.S. within the top 50 pasta brands, and is currently sold in more than 11,000 stores. Banza now has 17 total SKUs, including two new seasonal mac and cheese varieties that launched in late 2018, Shells & White Cheddar and Cacio e Pepe. Expanding once again with the latest category-disrupting innovation is only furthering the company's goal of making the foods you love, love you back.