Banza introduced Plant-Based Mac & Cheese, an entirely plant-based and dairy-free option that is made with real, clean ingredients.
Crafted with roasted sweet potatoes, Banza’s Plant-Based Mac & Cheese achieves its cheddar taste and flavor without the use of artificial ingredients found in traditional ready-to-eat mac & cheese. Easy to cook and ready in minutes, this healthier take on a classic favorite is a simple and nutritious meal option. 
Launching Jan. 4, 2020, Banza Plant-Based Mac & Cheese will be available on Amazon and for $21.99 / 6-pack, as well as at select Whole Foods (Northeast). Whether you are cooking for one or to share, this simple, healthy dinner solution is packed with Banza’s trademark nutritional arsenal of nearly 2x the protein, 3x the fiber and 30% fewer net carbs.