Fiber has no shortage of benefits, including boosting digestive health, maintaining intestinal regularity and increasing feelings of satiety. Increased intake of dietary fiber also is associated with lower rates of mortality from cardiovascular, infectious and respiratory diseases, according to research from the American Medical Association. With all these perks in mind, it’s no wonder why fiber consumption is often at the top of consumers’ minds. 

However, while many consumers are familiar with the benefits of fiber, few are aware of its versatility. People typically associate fiber with “traditional” applications such as bread, nutrition bars or functional beverages. Yet most would be surprised to know that their favorite candies, ice cream, chocolates and other sweets also can be formulated with fiber for an extra nutritional boost. 


Fibersol’s Flexibility 

Fibersol, a line of soluble prebiotic fiber from ADM/Matsutani LLC, can help formulators increase the fiber content and improve the nutritional profile of virtually any food or beverage product—even those not typically associated with fiber such as ice cream, hard candy, gummies, caramel, toffee and beverages. 

Because of Fibersol’s application flexibility, it also can function as a sugar replacement, and help reduce sugar and calories in addition to adding fiber. A great example is ADM/Matsutani’s blood orange chocolate prototype that will debut at the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual expo this year in New Orleans. This sweet treat uses Fibersol to increase fiber in an application not traditionally associated with high fiber. At the same time, Fibersol helps reduce sugar and improve mouthfeel. 

Sugar is a difficult ingredient to replace because it serves as more than just a sweetening element. It affects a product’s overall composition. Fibersol low-viscosity soluble prebiotic dietary fiber offers a solution to this challenge because it can replace many of the functional properties of sugar.

In the blood orange chocolate prototype—and in other sweet applications—Fibersol can replace as much as 25% of the sugar, and the product will still taste sweet without having to add in other ingredients. 

This allows developers to create products that give consumers the indulgent sweets they crave with added dietary fiber, reduced sugar and low-calorie benefits they demand; all without sacrificing the sweetness they’ve grown accustomed to. 


Future of Fiber 

As the better-for-you movement continues to gain popularity, formulators are looking for ways to meet the increased fiber, reduced sugar, low calorie and clean label demands of health-conscious consumers—without sacrificing great taste. 

With no added taste, flavor or color, Fibersol can meet these needs in essentially any food or beverage application. And because it is heat-, acid-, shear- and freeze/thaw-stable and remains intact during yeast fermentation, Fibersol allows for ultimate formulation and food processing versatility. 

To sample innovative fiber product applications, visit Fibersol at IFT19 Booth #3913.


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