It’s been exactly one year since White Castle introduced the Impossible™ Slider as a permanent menu item, and the fast-food chain said the addition of the plant-based burger has been a resounding success.

White Castle, the country’s first fast-food hamburger chain and home of The Original Slider®, debuted the Impossible™ Slider in April 2018 in 140 White Castle locations in Chicago, New York and New Jersey. It became an overnight sensation, generating headlines and inciting a social media frenzy. Based on the Impossible™ Slider’s overwhelming popularity, White Castle introduced it as a permanent menu on Sept. 12, 2018, at each of the company’s nearly 400 restaurants nationwide. And demand for the Impossible™ Slider hasn’t slowed since.

In keeping with its long-standing reputation as an innovator, White Castle was the first fast-food hamburger chain to partner with Impossible™ Foods on a systemwide launch of the Impossible™ Slider, which was quickly hailed as “one of the country’s best fast-food burgers, period.” The protein-packed slider made from plants looks, tastes and even sizzles like real beef.

White Castle restaurants cook the Impossible™ Sliders, which are shaped in the company’s distinctive square format, on grills separate from those used for products made from real beef. The company’s buns do not contain any animal-based products, making the Impossible™ Slider a great option for vegans as well as for vegetarians and others who simply want to minimize their meat consumption.

In yet another example of its commitment to satisfy cravings of all kinds, White Castle plans to release a brand-new stuffing recipe using the White Castle Impossible™ Slider as the main ingredient. It will be the first time the company introduces a new Thanksgiving stuffing recipe since 1991, when it released its celebrated recipe featuring The Original Slider®.