Jennifer Vahalik
U&I Collaboration LLC

U&I Collaboration, a consumer insights specialist, has researched the previously unrevealed, unexpressed need that drives food texture preferences: mouth behavior. The truth is that individuals have a preferred way to CHEW most foods and it is not the same experience in their mouths (mouth behavior) and this BEHAVIOR influences the foods and food textures they will prefer and claim that they like better for FLAVOR! 

Come for an experiential interactive session with U&I Collaboration CEO Jennifer Vahalik as she leads attendees in workshop about how consumers experience as many as four distinct mouth behaviors. 

You will have a chance to see how Mouth Behavior can be measured qualitatively and then scaled up to quantitate these findings online, followed by an approach to analysis and implications for product design. This is one of the futures for differentiated product creation and should be incorporated in all forward thinking food research programs.

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