Plant-based protein brand Abbot's Butcher  partnered with popular restaurant brand Tender Greens to offer the chain's first alternative protein menu item. Abbot's Butcher crafts premium meat alternatives and its plant-based chicken is now available at all Tender Greens locations.

Based in Southern California, Abbot's Butcher is dedicated to creating plant-based meats that don't sacrifice flavor, texture or quality. Products by Abbot's Butcher are also allergen friendly, with all its products nut-, soy- and GMO-free, and gluten- and wheat- free items available as well. Its plant-based chicken will star in the new Tender Greens menu item, The Mezze.

The Mezze includes Abbot's Butcher plant-based chicken, with kale salad, pickled pearl onions, roasted tomato couscous, tzatziki sauce and avocado hummus paired with grilled flatbread.