Kaneka Nutrients will use its 2019 SupplySide West Booth  #1743 to introduce its new proprietary probiotic line, Floradapt. Floradapt’s unique clinical strains provide highly bioefficacious effects for specific health applications through all stages of life.

Kaneka, Newark, Calif., is partnering with BrandHive, a Salt Lake City healthy lifestyle branding agency, to develop and implement marketing support.

“Our strategic collaboration with BrandHive will elevate our outreach and generate awareness of our new probiotic line, Floradapt,” says Mike Kolifrath, vice president of Kaneka’s Probiotics Division. “BrandHive has extensive knowledge and experience in the dietary supplements arena, and we are looking forward to optimizing our footprint and engaging with customers and partners in greater depth.”

Kaneka has an extensive bank of over 1,000 clinical probiotic strains extracted from human origin and fermented food samples which have not been affected by western lifestyle, diet or medicine. The new line, Floradapt, will officially launch at SupplySide West this year and offers distinct solutions for diverse health targets such as children’s colic, cardio, digestive, oral, immune, vaginal and urinary tract fields.

“We are excited to represent Kaneka who has a rich history within the industry and is known as a leader in the research and development of scientifically based ingredients,” said Andy Yorkin, account director. “We look forward to supporting their growth in North America for this unique and innovative line of probiotics.”

Kaneka is a leader in the development of scientifically based ingredients for the global nutrition industry. Kaneka is the exclusive supplier of Kaneka Ubiquinol®, and offers the premium form of ubiquinone known as Kaneka Q10®. Kaneka probiotics will be found in its Floradapt™ branded product line. Kaneka is committed to promoting business development to provide solutions that support healthy and energetic lives. For more information, visit www.floradapt.com.