CP Kelco, a global leader of nature-based ingredient solutions, is launching a major new product line at the Food Ingredients Europe conference and exposition in Paris, December 3-5, 2019. 

NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber is a clean-label ingredient that is sustainably sourced, produced from intact citrus peels, and does not require an e-number in Europe.

CP Kelco will showcase its latest innovative ingredient in tasty prototypes at Stand #6G161 in Hall 6 of the FiE exposition. 

“Our samples will demonstrate how NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber provides water-binding capacity, viscosity, suspension and emulsion stabilization, while also contributing to dietary fiber intake,” says Susanne Sörgel, senior director, Pectin & Carrageenan Strategic Platform at CP Kelco.

At its FiE booth, CP Kelco will offer tastings of a low-fat, vegan mayonnaise containing NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber as an alternative to egg, gum stabilizers and starch, as well as a fruit-flavored drink to demonstrate the new ingredient’s excellent functionality in reduced-sugar beverages.

Developed in response to continuing consumer demand for food and beverage products with less ingredients, less sugar and less fat, NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber can help manufacturers of these products meet clean label requirements while achieving critical functionality that ensures their desired taste and texture. Key applications include condiments, dressings, soups and fruit-flavored drinks.

“This novel fiber will become a key go-to ingredient in the product developer’s toolbox,” adds Jérôme Béra, senior vice president, Global Marketing at CP Kelco. “Our journey with NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber is just beginning – we’re excited about its potential based on positive feedback and collaboration from trials conducted with partners around the globe. We look forward to continuing to explore the possibilities for NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber with formulators across many application segments.”

CP Kelco’s Lead Project Manager in Innovation for the Citrus Fiber project, Heidi Munck Graversen, is also a featured speaker during the Fi Conference, focusing on clean label reformulation. Graversen will speak on December 4 at 11 a.m. in the Discovery Theatre, Hall 7.

In addition, CP Kelco was named as a finalist for the Fi Innovation Awards 19 in the category of “Diversity and Inclusion.” The award recognizes a company for creating a work environment that offers equal opportunities for all employees irrespective of gender, race, religious background, sexual orientation and physical or mental ability. Winners will be announced on December 3 at the show.

About CP Kelco

CP Kelco is a nature-based ingredient solutions company with over 85 years of experience working with food, beverage and consumer products manufacturers worldwide. We unlock nature-powered success by applying ingredient innovation and problem-solving to develop customized solutions that leverage our regional insights and meet manufacturers’ goals to address consumer needs and preferences. What sets us apart:

•    Unique Portfolio. Produces extensive range of high-quality, plant-based and fermentation-derived ingredients to formulate tailored solutions.

•    Technical Excellence. Offers strong collaboration with a global team of scientists and applications experts, leveraging our regional state-of-the art R&D facilities.

•    Sustainability. Committed to providing responsibly sourced and produced ingredients.

•    Market Insights. Understands market and consumer trends to help customers create relevant and innovative products.

Our key product lines include gellan gum, pectin, xanthan gum, carrageenan, diutan gum, cellulose gum/CMC, refined locust bean gum, microparticulated whey protein concentrate and our latest innovations, CELLULON™ Cellulose Liquid (fermentation-derived cellulose) and NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber. 

Learn more at www.cpkelco.com and follow us on LinkedIn.