JUST, a company that applies cutting-edge science and technology to create healthier, more sustainable foods, announced a host of partnerships to manufacture and distribute its award-winning JUST Egg across North America, Latin America, Europe and East Asia. This global infrastructure, which includes millions of additional points of potential distribution and access to production facilities on multiple continents, will provide the scale needed to meet the increasing worldwide demand for the top-selling product.
Included in this partnership announcement are South Korea’s leading food company, SPC Samlip; one of Southeast Asia’s largest food companies, Betagro Group; the world’s largest bakery company, Grupo Bimbo; one of Latin America’s largest edible oil and fat producers, Alianza Team; and the world’s leading local delivery platform, Delivery Hero. This infrastructure builds on a previously announced manufacturing and distribution partnership with Eurovo Group, a leading European egg producer with large-scale operations in multiple countries; and a sales and distribution deal with Germany’s largest poultry producer, PHW Group.
In addition to the new global partnerships and capital, JUST has added Jacob R. Robbins, CEO of Emeterra, to its Board. Robbins formerly served as Managing Director of the largest single area of Coca-Cola’s global supply chain, spanning over 120 active countries. The business model JUST has developed is similar in many respects to Coca-Cola, wherein a protein or concentrate is sold to a global network of partners who then bottle and sell the finished product. Robbins’s unique knowledge of this scalable model has informed how JUST has developed its own operations.
The company also added Dana Hollinger, an accomplished insurance industry executive and attorney, as a Board Observer and advisor. Hollinger served on the Board of the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), the largest asset owner in the United States representing approximately $400 billion assets under management (AUM). She also served on the Board of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), led by investors with over $34 trillion AUM. ICGN is a leading authority on global standards of corporate governance and investor stewardship.
The demand for JUST Egg has been accelerated by an increasing and more recent awareness of the necessity to build a food system that is safe, stable and healthier. After one full year of distribution, JUST Egg has quickly become a beloved breakfast staple in households across America and a favorite on menus at restaurants and other dining establishments. To date, the company has sold the equivalent of 30 million eggs — all made entirely from plants.
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