Already looking ahead to next year? Balchem’s Spring 2021 Feature Flavors Inclusions launch gives bakers five new ideas to add indulgence and on-trend flavor appeal to cookies, cakes and more.  

Inclusions are the perfect way to develop new on-trend baked goods and get limited-time-offering (LTO) treats to market faster. Inclusions bring excitement to bakery items through color and flavor combinations that delight the consumer. Indulgence and treating oneself is paramount to the bakery category, especially with consumers that want to try new flavors and formats, and in that spirit, we present six new feature flavors.

  1. Next to Nature – Balchem’s Orange Basil Mini-Flake inclusions are inspired by refreshing infused waters aligned with next to nature trends. Refreshingly tasty, they play on the subtle “herbiness” of Basil and the splash of citrus from orange. These bite-size cakes pair perfectly with iced tea for snack to tide you over ‘til dinner on a hot summer day.

This concept plays across multiple trends, as it ties to nuanced indulgences and brightly flavored color trends, as well. Balchem products used in this application: Orange Basil Mini-Flakes Inclusions, and BakeShure® 250 Sorbic Acid.

  1. Brightly Flavored Colors – Inspired by a picnic classic, Watermelon Mint salad, these inclusions capture the flavor of warmer weather in an inclusion. Watermelon Mint is just one example of our Mini-Flake inclusions that can be customized to your summer LTO’s. The bright pink color is perfectly on-trend for brightly flavored colors and the refreshing mint enhances the splash of watermelon.

This concept also ties in nuanced indulgence and next to nature trends. Balchem products used in this application: Watermelon Mint MF NTN Inclusions.

  1. Nuanced Indulgence – Rosé all day!  We’ve brought the indulgence of rosé wine into a strawberry inclusion baked into this bite-sized cake. Building from the favorite summertime fruit, strawberries, Strawberry Rosé adds a hint of rosé wine in the inclusion building from favorite spring and summer cocktails.

This concept also ties in the next to nature and brightly flavored colors trends. Balchem products used in this application: Strawberry Rosé Mini-Flakes Inclusions, and BakeShure® 250 Sorbic Acid.

  1. Cheese Please – Cheese continues to be one of the top trending flavors in baked goods. Our Asiago, Steak & Onion mini-flake inclusions builds on the cheese please trend and is a perfect savory bite in French bread and other savory applications. As grilling season kicks up, savory inclusions improve the flavor profile to compliment spreads and meat.

This concept also ties in the globally inspired trend. Balchem products used in this application: Asiago NTN MF Inclusions, Steak & Onion NTN MF Inclusions, and BakeShure 250 Sorbic Acid.

  1. Globally Inspired – Matcha & Azuki muffins build on the globally inspired trend by using a green tea base muffin with our Azuki (Red bean) inclusions to bring an earthy, savory sweetness forward with an Asian influence and bright red color.

This concept also ties in the Next to Nature and Brightly Flavored Colors trends. Balchem products used in this application: BakeShure® 250, Sorbic Acid, Azuki (Red Bean) NTN MF Inclusion.

  1. Grilled Peach – Grilling peaches started around the campfire and rose to high culinary cuisine in some of the top restaurants and among top chefs over the past two years. We’ve translated this favorite fruit-based dessert to an inclusion that builds on the nuanced indulgence that grilling brings a nuanced flair to fresh peaches and adds a caramelization to the natural sugars in the fruit. Balchem’s Mini-Flake inclusions can be used in scones, as shown here, but the application is only limited to your imagination when it comes to launching new sweet baked goods

This concept also ties in the Next to Nature trend. Balchem products used in this application: Grilled Peach Mini-Flakes Inclusions and BakeShure® 250 Sorbic Acid.

These seasonal inclusions are designed to fit in the growing snacking trend for sweet and savory launches you are planning to take to market next spring. 

Email  to get more information and find out more about these inclusions by clicking here. Our Account Managers and Technical Specialists are here to help Product Developers and Category Managers or Marketers thinking about their next round of launches.