Planterra Foods' CEO, Darcey Macken, published a full-page open letter in The New York Times to extend gratitude to key companies who played roles in the category's recent rise and growth. In the letter, Macken stated that the future of plant-based foods will be driven by the innovation happening at Planterra Foods along with its consumer brand, OZO™.

In June 2020, Planterra Foods, a Colorado-based start-up, debuted its first line of plant-based protein products with its new consumer brand, OZO™. The new line is making a name for itself with its exceptional taste, simple ingredients and a nutritional advantage aiming to grow flexitarian consumption by offering a positive protein solution.

An Open Letter to People Who Love Food:

There's been recent chatter and attempted 'take downs' around some companies that helped pave the way for the plant-based food industry and brands. To be clear, plant-based meats have been around for decades and we'd be remiss if we didn't take a moment to say thank you to Beyond Meat® and Impossible Foods, who shined a light on this space and helped elevate it to where it is today. I believe it's important to recognize how much this industry has evolved, but we've only just begun.

We are Planterra Foods®, a new company founded with the intent of feeding future generations. Our goal is to delight people from vegans to flexitarians to meat-eaters by giving them more delicious plant-based protein choices, like our first consumer brand OZO™. Our goal is to grow flexitarian consumption through offering a positive protein solution and reimagined protein sources for everyone. Eating delicious food is one of the greatest joys in life, and Planterra is delivering protein choices that are OZO Good.

We set out to be more than just another line of plant-based protein. Our foods are delicious, nutritious, and we only use Non-GMO, clean ingredients that are powered by an exclusive blend of high-quality pea and rice protein fermented by shiitake mycelia.
Planterra Foods is the next generation in plant-based foods and I can tell you, the future of this category is bright! Though we may be one of the newer companies, we've got big plans and disruptive innovations in the works.
We invite you to join us at our table and we'd be honored to be served at yours. We think everyone will love what you taste and understand what the future of plant-based foods has to offer.

Darcey Macken
CEO of Planterra Foods