Gathered Foods, makers of Good Catch® plant-based seafood, announced its launch into restaurant service through a partnership with Veggie Grill, the 100% plant-based fast casual restaurant. Through the end of the year, Veggie Grill will add a limited-edition exclusive Tuna Melt to the menu featuring Good Catch's Plant Based Tuna, giving conscious consumers the opportunity to enjoy a classic and indulgent tuna melt without contributing to known issues like overfishing or exposure to harmful heavy metals. This partnership is Good Catch's first foray into the restaurant industry, with a larger retail expansion planned in the next few months.
Good Catch® Plant-Based Tuna is high in protein and free of dairy, GMOs, mercury, and toxins. Founding chefs Derek and Chad Sarno created the company's proprietary six-legume blend (peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans), achieving a texture that mimics the flakiness of seafood. It contributes clean flavor to any classic seafood meal, from classic deli-style sandwiches to tuna casserole, clam chowder, and spicy tuna rolls. It is safe and enjoyable for those with shellfish allergies and can be used in any recipe that calls for conventional tuna, providing endless culinary opportunities for consumers.
With 37 locations across California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Washington, Veggie Grill provides 100% plant-based goodness, from nourishing salads and bowls to hearty burgers and sandwiches. Crafting food that is free of animal products, antibiotics and hormones, Veggie Grill is closely aligned with Good Catch's mission to raise consciousness, reduce harm, and preserve environmental resources.
Good Catch's launch into the restaurant industry continues an exciting year of growth for the brand. Following the news of a $36.8 million Series B Financing Round in January, Good Catch expanded its distribution footprint on an international scale with its Tesco launch in the UK. In March, Good Catch announced a joint distribution venture with Bumble Bee Foods, as well as new backing from celebrities Woody Harrelson, Shailene Woodley, Paris Hilton and Lance Bass, which indicates the overwhelming belief in the future of plant-based seafood. This summer, the brand announced the launch of the new line of frozen appetizers and entrees. Most recently, Gathered Foods appointed Christine Mei as CEO and announced the opening of its dedicated production facility in Heath, Ohio.